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bwpc = Black & White Perry Carmichael. That’s me and this is my monochrome site. I am a writer, sculptor, philosopher, traveler,…….  Oh, wait, that’s some one else. I am a community college teacher, husband, father, amateur photographer, motorcycle enthusiast and sometimes webmaster. I have always been into technology and photography for just about for ever. My first computer was a Commodore VIC 20 back in 1983. I have no idea the number computers I have owned or built. My first camera was a Yashica FR. I don’t remember why I sold it, but my next camera was a Pentax MX and that was my favorite camera for many years. I started playing with photography in 1974, in high school, as the newspaper and annual photographer. In college I was the staff photographer for a year and the photo editor for a year. I have been published a few times (one cover that I no longer have) always wanted to work in the industry but I am a poor marketer. So I blog in the digital age.

I am on my 4th interchangeable lens digital camera, a Pentax Q. It is a great little camera that is truly pocketable and fun to play with. I use it mostly as a toy. My other “current” camera is the Pentax K-7. While I would like a little better low light performance (k-5?), I love the ergonomics. It is a great piece of hardware and I’ll likely keep it until it wears out. Prior to this is a Pentax K10D (still have it but I kinda broke it), and my first was a Sigma SD9. All are excellent cameras but the Pentax line better suits my style. If my style included lot’s of cash I would likely find the Nikon D3 or D700 to suit it! But no. 🙂 If you have something to say, feedback to give or other comments, please do. Also please visit my other blog at

Also, if you are curious, visit our local camera club, the Valley Viewfinders. If you are a photographer in the area or just passing through and have a free Thursday night, please feel free to drop in.

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  1. Happy Birthday, ol’ man… glad we could make it. I love your photos, I’ll let you know which is my favorite after I study them some more.

    Comment by scott — October 13, 2008 @ 5:13 am

  2. Quite a neat blog here, Sir. I’ll be returning. Found you on Alpha Inventions. Where else, eh? 🙂

    Comment by commontater — December 2, 2008 @ 6:24 am

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